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Friday, 30 April 2010

Another Washing Powder Box

Well I decided to paint and decorate another washing powder box and this time it is a recipe box, my kitchen is lilac and blacks so in keeping with that theme I came up with this -

I painted the box lilac to start with then matted some Pink Petticoat gingham paper onto some black card and stuck it all of the way around the box, I cut out the letters with my silhouette and also cut out some pots and pans which you can see on the next photo -

I haven't filled it with recipes yet but I'm sure it will be full in no time, I've bought a laminator so that I can get them all laminated and kept nice and clean.

Thanks for looking and I hope you like it.



Thursday, 22 April 2010

Denim corsages

I saw this fab idea through Summer Driggs blog and I am amazed at how easy they are, she made a necklace out of this style and others but I have just decided to make the bigger ones for now, stick safety pins on the back and voila you have a very fashionable corsage which will go with almost any casual outfit. Denim is a huge trend for this summer so I may just have to make a few more and be ultra trendy. The insides of them are just loose bits from old jewellery either sewed or glued in with fabric glue. The denim came from an old pair of jeans.

The original inspiration came from here and I followed the tutorial from here.

I used different techniques to get the different styles, the flat one has not had the edges stitched at all, the one at the back has had the edges loosely stitched and the one at the front right has the edges tightly stitched, that one is actually my personal favourite.

Have a go you will be really suprised at how easy they are, I quite like the idea of making loads and sewing them to the front of a cushion.

P.S. there are still a few items left in my blog sale on the post below so have a look there might be something that floats your boat.



Sunday, 18 April 2010

I'm having a Blog Sale!!!!

This reminds me of being a kid and having a jumble sale in my front garden lol!

Well I am having a clear out, mainly craft items but some random things in there too.

I have guessed postage as accurately as I can using the Royal Mail website so hopefully I guessed it right, I will post all items as soon as payment is received by Paypal. I will happily combine the cost of postage, just let me know what you want and I will send you a total cost.

Please email me if you are interested in buying any of the items or just want more details
Musical Tunes for making your own musical cards - 3 in each pack available in the following tunes - My Heart Will Go On/Rock a Bye Baby/Wedding March/Home Sweet Home and Love Story - 50p each + 50p P&P
Thank you clear stamps pack measures 7x11cm New 50p + 50p P&P

SOLDBear stamps pack measures 7x11cm New 50p + 50p P&P

SOLDLeaves stamps pack measures 7x11cm New 50p+50p P&P
It's a girls clear stamps pack measures 7x11cm New - 50p+50p P&P
It's a boy clear stamps pack measures 7x11cm New - 50p+50p P&P
SOLDInvitation stamps pack measures 7x11cm New 50p+50p P&P
Hearts & Kisses clear stamps pack measures 7x11cm New - 50p +50p P&P
SOLDHappy Birthday Stamps pack measures 7x11cm New - 50p+50p P&P
SOLDSentiments Stamps pack measures 7x11cm-New-50p+50p P&P
SOLD France Stamps pack measures 7x11cm - New - 50p+50p P&P
SOLDBride & Groom Stamps measures 7x11cm - New -50p+50p P&PSOLDTravel pack measures 7x11cm - New - 50p + 50p P&P
SOLDBeary Love stamps measures 7x11cm - New - 50p+50p P&P
Baby/Arrival Clear Stamps pack measures 7 x 11cm - New- 50p+50p P&P
SOLDPastel Papers 8x8 - 85 sheets - £1 + £1.50 P&P
SOLD- 52 sheets - at least 1 sheet of all 12 designs - 50p +£1 P&P
SOLD- 25 sheets - at least 1 sheet of each design - 50p +£1 P&P
SOLDPapermania Pink Vellum - 9 sheets - 40p + £1 P&P
SOLDPapermania Green Vellums- Brand New- 50p + £1 P&P
SOLDPapermania Blue Vellums 8x8 - Brand New - 50p + £1 P&P
SOLDPapermania Antique Cream Papers -6x6-49 sheets-50p + £1 P&P
SOLDPapermania Olivine Papers - 6x6 - 48 sheets - 50p +£1 P&P
SOLDRaspberry Papers- 6x6 -48 sheets - 50p + £1 P&P
Paper Trimmer with 3 blades - straight/perforated and scoring also has a corner cutter and comes with one used cutting strip and 5 replacement cutting strips in excellent condition cost £25 from Hobbycraft £5 + £5 P&P (£6 for recorded delivery)

Velcro Rollers paid £5 for them used once - £1 + £1 P&P

Heart Rate Monitor -Paid £17 for it and used a couple of times to measure calories burned in my Aqua Aerobics but then had to give up exercise for health reasons - comes with a clip to put it on your bike. £5 + £2 P&P

Mark Hill curling tongs with digitally controlled heat - £3 with £3 P&P (£4 if you want it recorded post)

Babyliss Ceramic Rollers bought in January for £30 used once and in perfect condition they work really well but I just don't have the patience to make my hair curly. Cost £10 + P&P- lots of P&P options ranging from £5 to £9 email me for further details

Green Craft Sand - Brand New - 50p + £1 p&p - 2 available

Saturday, 3 April 2010

My Mam makes me smile

I made this one for my Mam as I've had a bit of an emotional week this week and she has been there to perk me up and she really has made me smile. I just wanted her to know that I appreciate her.

Hope you like it, my Mam loved it.