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Monday, 25 July 2011

Explore Day 5

This is my first ever real 12X12 scrapbook page, I have done them digitally but the size of a 12x12 has always been very intimidating to me but I took the plunge and here it is.

It's part of my Explore class and the task was to use one of the suggested layouts by Shimelle and to use 9 circular embellishments, the theme was to be based around subjects we had covered during the week like our greatest adventures and things not being perfect.

My layout represents my weight loss journey starting with a photo of my that I hated (I don't hate it now, because it's me and I don't hate looking at myself anymore). The second photo is a self portrait we had to do and is actually the first photo of myself that I love looking at, that's a bit of a revelation for me as I have hated looking at myself for so long. That is why I called the page Contrast because the contrast between myself in the 2 photo's may not be blindingly obvious to anyone one else but to me it unbelievable.

Thanks for looking



Friday, 22 July 2011

Explore class Days 2-4

Well I am sitting here patiently waiting for the last prompt of the week on the Explore class that I am doing so I thought I'd share my journey so far, I look at everyone elses projects and they look so much better than mine but I really am learning to love what I've done without comparing it to others work! I particularly loved Prompt 4 which was about "Perfection" I think I am continually disappointed in myself because I could always have done something better, but being the best isn't important, enjoying the journey to the end result is what I believe is most important and that is what I am going to do from now on:-)

Prompt 2 was about Postcards, so I made my own, It's not the greatest postcard in the world but It represents the things I love and if Wendy land existed this is what it would look like - Cooking, Growing and Making.

On the back you had to write about your greatest adventure, I've done many daring things in my life, Bungee jumping etc... but believe it or not a little camping trip had the most impact on my life so that's what I wrote about and then posted it to myself. My Husband can't stop laughing at the thought of all of the workers at the sorting office passing it round having a good laugh lol!!!

So Prompt 3 was about trying something new and trying it with maps. I took some old holiday maps and covered some chipboard letters with them, this was a new technique for me and I really like them, I also had to make things out of circles of maps so I made some flowers in different ways.

And the last Prompt was No 4 which was about what is perfect in your life at the moment, I like this list it's a very positive list for me and I know it is going to grow so I've left plenty of space. The picture is of a chocolate cake I made a few weeks ago and I am so proud of it :-)

Thanks for looking

Wendy :-)

Monday, 18 July 2011


Well class started today on the new Shimelle course which is called Explore, I'm really excited to be taking part in a "live" class, I almost didnt sleep last night lol!

I haven't quite decided what I am going to explore during the 4 week course, seeing as the first task was to take a self portrait I think I may just explore me :-) I have had a bit of a transformation in the last 12 months as I've lost 8 stone after Bariatric surgery so maybe the time has come to explore the new me, who knows! I think I'm going to sleep on that one and see if inspiration strikes in the middle of the night!

Anyway here is my playbook cover and my page 1 which is the self portrait, and shock horror I actually quite like the photo!!!!!!! Second photo of myself in my life that I like, the first one I liked was of my back haha!!!



Saturday, 9 July 2011

Less is More challenge

Well I think I am 100% addicted to the Less Is More challenge, I loved this week challenge which was to make a one layer card and use the theme of "something with legs" so I pulled out my Kanban stamp kit that I got from QVC last year and the perfect stamp was there waiting for me. I've used this stamp before but never in such a simplistic way and I am definitely going to knock up a few more like this.

REVISED TO ADD - The legs are on the dress form, I forgot to add that bit earlier duh!!!!

The only thing I have used other than the stamp is some WOW heat embossing powder in pearlescent white, the blue colour comes from the embossing pen that I used to colour in the image.

Thanks for looking, hope you like it



Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Scrapbooking at last......

Well finally it has happened, I've got into scrapbooking! It's taken a while but ater doing Shimelles Something from Almost Nothing class it has really inspired me in all areas of my crafting. I have wanted to scrapbook for ages but never had the exact stuff to do any layouts I'd seen and I also have a lack of 12x12 papers. It suddenly dawned on me that it isn't against the law to make a scrapbook in A4 so that's exactly what I'm starting. I started with a layout from Pagemaps then picked a photo that I love then looked through my mountains of scraps that I keep in an overflowing file and voila!!!!!

After completing this I ended up with more scraps, they're just smaller than they had been originally and me being me couldn't bear to throw them out so here they are.......

The papers are all from Pink Petticoat with the excepetion of the red which is plain card coloured with Promarkers.

I hope you like them, thanks for looking



Allsorts Free and Easy

This is my entry for this weeks Allsorts challenge which is free and easy, it was for a male birthday and I used my Big Fella kit from pink petticoat. The ribbon is some white tape stuff I got from a local haberdashery and coloured it in red with my promarkers - The stamp is Anna Griffin and everything else is using my scraps from the Big Fella kit.

Thanks for looking



Stash busting and Less is More

Well I cannot believe how good I have been with this one, I am still in major stash busting mode and this week I am so proud of myself. It all started with the Less is more challenge which this week was to use blues, I knew I had some flowers which I bought from Lakeland about 6 years ago, there were hundreds in the pack and to be honest I've only used them once or twice so today they have seen the light and this is the result -

Now I am very new to the Less is More challenge and wasn't sure if my photo above was considered OK because of the blue background (not sure if it is supposed to stay white or not) so just in case I made this one too. I used last weeks sketch challenge as my inspiration because I love the simplicity of it.

And then I got so carried away with my stash busting that I made another 5 in various colours

I am very proud of myself as I hated these flowers within about 6 months of buying them but couldn't bring myself to throw them away, now I am so pleased that I didn't.

Thanks for looking