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Friday, 22 July 2011

Explore class Days 2-4

Well I am sitting here patiently waiting for the last prompt of the week on the Explore class that I am doing so I thought I'd share my journey so far, I look at everyone elses projects and they look so much better than mine but I really am learning to love what I've done without comparing it to others work! I particularly loved Prompt 4 which was about "Perfection" I think I am continually disappointed in myself because I could always have done something better, but being the best isn't important, enjoying the journey to the end result is what I believe is most important and that is what I am going to do from now on:-)

Prompt 2 was about Postcards, so I made my own, It's not the greatest postcard in the world but It represents the things I love and if Wendy land existed this is what it would look like - Cooking, Growing and Making.

On the back you had to write about your greatest adventure, I've done many daring things in my life, Bungee jumping etc... but believe it or not a little camping trip had the most impact on my life so that's what I wrote about and then posted it to myself. My Husband can't stop laughing at the thought of all of the workers at the sorting office passing it round having a good laugh lol!!!

So Prompt 3 was about trying something new and trying it with maps. I took some old holiday maps and covered some chipboard letters with them, this was a new technique for me and I really like them, I also had to make things out of circles of maps so I made some flowers in different ways.

And the last Prompt was No 4 which was about what is perfect in your life at the moment, I like this list it's a very positive list for me and I know it is going to grow so I've left plenty of space. The picture is of a chocolate cake I made a few weeks ago and I am so proud of it :-)

Thanks for looking

Wendy :-)


Jane said...

love what you've done so far especially the postcards

Elizabeth said...

Your postcard and playbook are just beautiful! This is a great class so far.

Thanks for your comment on my blog about my best friend. I am fortunate to still have her.

Mandy McK (Moogieof4) said...

Scrummy cupcakes and baking. The explore class has been thought provoking so far hasn't it? Enjoyed reading your post.
Mandy McK (Moogieof4)

Dawn said...

I love your map page. It is really coming together. =)

Scribble Monster said...

I love your pages and thoughts. You look amazing by the way, great self portrait. The map letters are cute too.