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Monday, 25 July 2011

Explore Day 5

This is my first ever real 12X12 scrapbook page, I have done them digitally but the size of a 12x12 has always been very intimidating to me but I took the plunge and here it is.

It's part of my Explore class and the task was to use one of the suggested layouts by Shimelle and to use 9 circular embellishments, the theme was to be based around subjects we had covered during the week like our greatest adventures and things not being perfect.

My layout represents my weight loss journey starting with a photo of my that I hated (I don't hate it now, because it's me and I don't hate looking at myself anymore). The second photo is a self portrait we had to do and is actually the first photo of myself that I love looking at, that's a bit of a revelation for me as I have hated looking at myself for so long. That is why I called the page Contrast because the contrast between myself in the 2 photo's may not be blindingly obvious to anyone one else but to me it unbelievable.

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Scribble Monster said...

Great layout and what a wonderful weight-loss. Good for you.