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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

My best ever creation..............

I cannot believe it's been 10 months since I last posted, I have been making things during those 10 months but my camera broke so until I got a new one there was no photos to post and I didn't think a description of what I had made would be very exciting haha!!! Most importantly one thing I did make in the 10 months away was my beautiful daughter Eloise, and even though I am a little biased I happen to think she is the most wonderful thing I have ever created.
She is 9 weeks old now and even though I had to give up my beloved craft room to make room for her I couldn't be happier. So I have been desperate to find the time to make something and when my Mam came and took Eloise yesterday for a few hours my first port of call was my "craft cupboard" and this is what I made -
Frame - Ikea
Paper - Pink Petticoat in Blossom with Polka dots in bubblegum
Flowers and leaves - Die cut from Silhouette
Picture - From internet
Hope you like it I am really pleased with it and hopefully it's the start of many creations :-)

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Liz Armstrong said...

I think Eloise is the most wonderful thing you;ve ever created too Wendy. She is just GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! You clever girl.
And I love her pink dotty cover-in-frills dress : )
Your photo frame is fabulous too : )